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Di'Royals White Gari Cassava Grits/Granules | Premium Quality Gari Olonka Enhanced with Electrolytes | Authentic West African Food Grocery | 2.5KG (5.5LBS) Bag with a Scoop

PREMIUM QUALITY: Enjoy your granular Gari meals with the finest quality Gari made in West Africa. Selected with utmost care and prepared with traditional methods from freshly harvested cassava tuberous roots, our gari has no dirt or lumps.

FORTIFIED WITH ELECTROLYTES: Unlike most Gari food products, Di'Royals premium grade Gari is enhanced with electrolytes, turning your Gari meals into a pure energy superfood.

COMES WITH A SCOOP: Compared to most Gari, our Gari comes with a scoop for easy daily use. Avoid the usual spillage seen with other Gari products!

THICK BAG WITH A SEAL: Our product is packed in a sealed bag to preserve the nutrients and freshness of the Gari. The Gari is delivered to you in a thick carton box.

EAT LIKE ROYALTY WITH DI'ROYALS: Our Gari is 100% natural and premium-grade. Delight in one of the most authentic Gari experiences.

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