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di'Royals Superfoods Acai Gari Mix | Gari Soakings with Honey, Lemon Chips, Yogurt Chips, Chocolate Chips, and Acai Berry Powder - Healthy Alternative to Ghana Gari Soakings | 6 Bags in a box

HEALTHY GARI SOAKING ALTERNATIVE: Delight in your favorite West African cereal without worrying about sugar and calories! di'Royals brings you another gari product, that uses honey instead of sugar, and Lemon, Yoghurt, and Chocolate chips, instead of peanuts.

SUPERFOOD THAT IS QUICK TO PREPARE: Get ready to energize your body with this amazing Gari Mix! Not only does it include the classic combination of gari and honey, but Acai berries are also included which are packed full of powerful antioxidants. And for a sweet touch, there's lemon paired together with chocolate chips and yogurt - creating an irresistible flavor that will keep you going throughout the day.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS ONLY: To craft our African delicacy, we chose only the finest ingredients available. Honey and Acai berries offer an abundance of health benefits - from increased fiber to essential fatty acids - ensuring you get all the nutrition your body needs with every bite!

THE SAME OLD TASTE YOU KNOW & LOVE: If you can't resist Ghanaian cuisine, try the new and improved way to satisfy your cravings - Gari Soakings! Just open a packet of this delectable mix, pour it in water and slurp up all that familiar flavor without any guilt trip.

EAT LIKE ROYALTY WITH DI'ROYALS: Enjoy the exceptional freshness of this West African food product, which comes packaged with care in a carton box and six sealed sachets.

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